Pgslot Review New Hot Game Dragon Tiger Luck

Pgslot, a popular slot game site with a lot of slot games for you to bet, but today we will introduce a new hot slot game called Dragon Tiger Luck, a new type of slot game that is very interesting, which if anyone who Looking for a fun slot game that comes with Big prize money, Dragon Tiger Luck slot game can answer Needs very well, of course, but how interesting it will be Let’s get to know this type of slot game better.

Hot new game Dragon Tiger Luck

It is a new type of slot game that is modern with beautiful graphics with easy betting patterns. This makes it a very popular slot game where the game format is a 3 reel, 2 line with a x2 multiplier, giving the gambler a chance to win. Up to 2 times the prize money And a special helper Very interesting as well

Pgslot special symbols and bonuses

– The golden dragon, a symbol that will give you the rate Bet up to 100 times ever.

– Golden Tiger will be the symbol. At rate The bet is the highest in the game as well, there are 6 symbols in total that will give you a payout as high as 100 times.

– The silver dragon is a special symbol. With high odds Second Which will give the odds as high as 50 times

– Silver Tiger will have up to 50 times the original thousand, a special symbol that many people want. Not lost to any other symbol

Bet on Dragon Tiger Luck slot game at Pgslot , you will experience the fun and excitement for sure, because the slot games here are all quality slots games and meet the highest international service standards. Must bet on Dragon Tiger Luck slot game